-We Amplify Ideas Into Presentations-


We're a creative agency helping people & business share and spread their ideas in an Powerful Way.


We design high impact speech-presentations that connect with the viewer-audience. We make your presentation and message a memorable story, maintaining the synchrony between design and communication. (disruptive presentations, conferences, infographic design)


We write scripts to be used as speech notes on conferences, talks, business meetings, tributes, product launches, and more. (presentation guides)


We do training to people (one-on-one) and companies team that want to improve skills presentations. (coaching, public speaking, storytelling).


Launcher is the first unselfish platform that helps you know about startup contests, entrepreneurship awards, summits and others events around the world that could launch your venture.

World leaders make memorable speeches with the help of coach as Light UP!

About us

We Amplify Ideas Into Presentations!

Light UP Presentations was created for Carlos Libreros; Disruptive Electronic Engineer, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach, expert in the fields of Storytelling (Communicating well) & Thought Disruptive (not significant unimaginable Solutions). His main element of motivation is reinvent teaching processes eliminating the complexity of these, making them incredibly simple stimulating talent and creativity in people around him. Recently, Carlos was selected to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2016 as Delegate. His work has been tremendously valuable and recognized in managerial areas of large multinational companies and public figures.

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We work for persons-business* brilliant, powerful and visionary. *If you are a human, you are a person…and If you have an idea, you have a business.